The Home of great pool, cold beer, strong spirits, hot wings, the best live sport, and service to match it all. 


The Takapuna Pool Hall adds just what Takapuna was missing. A place where you can get away from the real world, with real friends, to play pool and watch sport.


Located above the Commons, a Takapuna institution. You can get up to the Takapuna Pool Hall via the external stairs from our big sister bar the Gardens, or by taking the stairs inside the big daddy of The Commons. 

+ Sky sports
+ Table service or bar service, your choice.
+ Pool tournaments.
+ Poker nights.
+ weekly deals.
+ Separate little brother Rangitoto lounge area
+ Board games.
Also available for private bookings for the whole space.



 09 390 4512


21 Hurstmere Road          Takapuna                          Auckland


Mon - Thur Opens at 4pm
Fri - Sun Opens at noon

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